What is captcha code – Captcha meaning in Bengali

What is the meaning of captcha, what is captcha code, captcha meaning in Bengali, Captcha Code Full Form in Bengali, In today’s article we are going to discuss each of these topics in detail.

What is captcha code?
What is captcha code in Bengali?

In today’s internet world, this term captcha has gained a lot of popularity.

Because, every person using the internet is familiar with this captcha word.

However, even after hearing the term, many people do not understand what this captcha actually is What is captcha code?.

Basically, when we fill a form, create an account, before downloading something, etc., we are asked to fill the captcha code while doing these types of work online.

Captcha code can be different.

For example, some captcha codes use only numbers, some images and some captcha codes may contain sentences.

Come on, if you also want to know absolutely clearly that this is actually it What is captcha in Bengali?

Then know the complete information in detail through this article.

What is captcha code – (Captcha code meaning in Bengali)

To put it simply and precisely, Captcha Code or CAPTCHAs An online activity or tool to protect against online spam.

CAPTCHA protects us from various online bots, spammers and password decryption.

On webpages that are CAPTCHA protected, you are asked to perform a simple and easy task before you can complete form fill-up, password fill-up or create an account.

These tasks mainly consist of activities that include,

  • Check and submit the given numbers.
  • Select images,
  • Correct submission of the indicated words,
  • Accumulating the results of addition and subtraction of numbers.

etc. There are many other types of tasks that are used in the process of captcha code.

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You have to prove that you are a human through this work of Captcha code fill-up.

Because many computer programs and bots are active on the Internet through which spamming is done.

So, through this captcha process, you prove that you are not a bot or a computer program.

And now if you are asking “What is CAPTCHA code”, then the answer will be,

In the process of capture, not easily understood is Terabeka Words, Numbers, Symbols, Sentences etc. are used,

They are called captcha codes.

Now you may understand a little more clearly that this is actually it What is CAPTCHA? or What does captcha mean?.

hopefully What is captcha code? You have understood the matter well.

Captcha Code Full Form in Bengali

Capture complete means – Complete Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart.

This means that it is an automated test that can tell the difference between a computer and a real human.

It was first brought to the world in 2000 by Luis Von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas Hopper and John Langford.

It was a brilliant process through which it became possible to differentiate between man and machine in the online world.

Why do we use captcha code?

Captcha code is mainly used as a security measure and this nature can only be completed by a human, but no machine or robot can solve this captcha.

To date, bots cannot crack or solve these types of security.

It is mainly designed to block hackers and spammers in restricted areas.

Therefore, various websites, blogs, online tools, social media etc. are asked to fill captcha code in various fields (form fill, account creation).

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There are many benefits and advantages of using captcha on websites.

  • Preventing fake account registration,
  • Fake and spam comments are not allowed.
  • Keeps your email account safe,
  • Online accounts login page does not allow automated login attempts by bots.

Types of captcha code – (Types of captcha code)

When you visit various websites online, you might come across various captcha codes.

And so, below we will clearly try to know how many types of captcha codes there are.

  • Text recognition based
  • Image recognition based
  • Social Authentication
  • Logic questions based
  • User interaction based
  • Simple Math Problem

Let’s, below we know about each type of capture in detail one by one.

Text recognition based

In these types of captchas that are given puzzle or code are all text based.

Means there is no image, number etc.

In order to solve captcha here, you have to understand the text correctly and you have to submit that one text.

Simply put here only text based captcha will be given to your app.

Image recognition based

As you might understand by hearing the name, in these types of captchas you will only be shown some pictures and asked questions.

In this case you have to look at the given pictures properly to solve the codes.

You are allowed to access the website after submitting the given images correctly.

Social Authentication

These types of captures are mainly used on social media websites.

In this case you have to select your friends profile picture or account correctly.

You will be allowed to enter the website only if you select the profile pictures of your friends correctly.

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Logic questions based

These types of captchas that are given as puzzles are riddled with logic questions.

In this type of capture you are asked some simple questions which if answered correctly will allow you to enter the website.

User interaction based

The questions that are asked in these types of captchas are all user interaction based.

Here also in solving the codes you have to answer some questions.

Simple Math Problem

You must have solved this type of captcha code while filling out forms on many websites.

These types of captchas ask you to solve some simple and very simple maths.

For example, what is 11+10 or what is 10-5 etc.

Of course, these types of captcha codes are very simple and straightforward for a human being.

Advantages and benefits of Captcha code

Captcha code is used by almost every website and online company today.

It is a protection charm that provides protection to any blog and website in various fields.

They create a kind of security test that bots and spammers cannot solve.

Let’s now dive straight into some of the best benefits and advantages of captcha codes.

  • Prevents comments on a website or blog from being spammed.
  • Prevents fake and spam account registration.
  • Protects a website from bots in several cases.
  • Blocks access to website login pages.

our last words,

So friends, hope you understand that well What is captcha code? and why it is used.

If you have any kind of questions or suggestions related to our today’s article, please comment.

I hope, you have understood everything about captcha code well.

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