What are the software for watching games directly on mobile?

What are the software for watching games directly on mobile? How to watch live cricket game?

Software to watch live games
How to watch live cricket game on mobile?

Watching the game and supporting your favorite team and players is a very exciting thing.

And, in this internet age, many people rely on countless online services to watch live sports without box or radio.

which shows live coverage of live sporting events from around the world.

All the channels or popular sports you want to watch,

You just need to register with a streaming service to access them.

Most major streaming providers include various sports packages with their monthly subscriptions.

However, the set of channels you get varies from platform to platform.

Today we will mention some live streaming services for your convenience,

which show live sporting events on their platforms.

List of 10 Mobile Live Sports Watch Software:

So let’s take a look, What are the apps / software for watching games on mobile?

1. SonyLiv:

Sony LIV is one of the most popular streaming services.

This online service can show you various live TV and live sporting events like wrestling, racing, rugby, cricket or football.

You don’t need any kind of subscription to watch live sports on SonyLiv.

Here you can watch your favorite game for free.

But, live events here are extended to five minutes late.

It also has Android application, computer version and online site.

2. Disney+HotStar:

Disney+HotStar is quite a big and popular live streaming platform.

Apart from thousands of movies and TV shows, you can also watch Hotstar Live Sports in comfort.

This platform offers you the best high-resolution sports streaming experience.

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Also, you can live stream your favorite sports through the HotStar mobile app for free.

However, you must take out its premium subscription to stream from desktop.

3. ESPN:

ESPN is one of the most popular and recognized sports channels in the world.

Here you can watch international football, basketball, soccer and many more sports events live on ESPN app or website.

However, due to broadcasting rights, some sports may also be off air here.

You need to use a VPN for ESPN for every live game to watch every game here.

This VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps you change your location, get a membership to ESPN Plus and watch more sports programming from around the world.


BCCI TV is India’s governing body for cricket’s own online streaming service.

Once you get entry to this site, you will be able to watch any sports contest in India.

You can get all the scorecards and news of all the Indian sports events taking place on their site.

Here you can watch any international cricket match.

5. JioTV:

With Jio TV application, Jio TV users are made available for streaming of live sports events on mobile phones.

You can easily install its application from App Store or Google Play.

After installation, you must register and sign in with your Jio phone number on this platform to watch live cricket matches.

Then, you can find the TV networks with DD Sports live streaming and watch your favorite sports programs.

6. Cricbuzz.com:

CricBuzz is a sports news website.

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It exclusively shows only cricket news.

From this website you will find announcements, blogs, live telecasts of cricket events (including videos and rankings), team standings, player ratings, videos, photos and cricket-based video games.

Plus, you can also watch content on-the-go with its phone app.

This platform is quite popular for cricket info and scores.

7. ICC Cricket:

The world governing body for cricket is the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The ICC manages major cricket tournaments across three formats.

It is extremely popular all over the world for its global game marketing.

Hence, it has substantial claim to the exclusive right to broadcast live updates of all international cricket matches.

On its website you can get information about upcoming sports events, live cricket reports and team ratings among other topics.

Here you can also watch videos of top cricketers and commentators discussing their experiences.

This site can be viewed from desktop, laptop, computer, cellular phone or any portable device.

8. Live Net TV:

Live Net TV is one of the most popular live-streaming apps for sports.

Here you can stream everything from movies to TV shows.

Also, here you can watch content from anywhere in the world.

Even more than 700 channels are hosted here.

This app also has high-quality live TV streaming support.

And, it is possible to watch any live game happening anywhere in the world

9. UK TV Now:

UK TV Now is a very popular live-streaming app.

Here you can watch programs of about 150 channels from different countries.

This particular online streaming site allows you to enjoy streaming from your device without any hassle.

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With this app you can filter shows according to genre, year, rating and type of your choice.

However, you won’t find this app on Google Playstore.

To get it on your desktop you need to download the Apk file from its website.

10. Top TV Sports:

Having an app like Topp on your device means that you will never miss your favorite shows or sports events.

This app or website helps you to watch content from different countries around the world

However, here you can’t stream several shows due to copyright.

To solve this type of problem, you may need to use a VPN application, change your IP address to access these contents.

Extra Tips:

There are several streaming platforms that allow users to record games or other live events.

That is, if you can’t watch the live event, you can record the game to watch it later.

However, for this you need to take a membership to a streaming platform with cloud DVR storage.

And, before choosing a streaming service, you must consider its sports package.

Several of these platforms require users to pay more to watch certain live games,

So invest in this kind of software only after looking at the financial plans.

Also, you can find many free websites, where live sports streaming is possible for free.

our last words,

our today Apps/software for watching live sports on mobile The article about them ends here.

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