Top 10 Websites to Download Copyright Free Videos

Be it social media, personal blogs or any business website, video is now dominating the market considerably.

However, many content creators may not have their own shot videos to upload.

Again, meanwhile a picture is worth a thousand words.

And, video can show many pictures at once!

Hence, nowadays audiences are seeking video content more easily demanding engaging content.

Right here, the demand for copyright-free stock videos starts.

Today’s copyright-free video sites have an extensive collection of free clips and footage.

Where you can download without any watermarks for use in your creative projects, social media channels and more.

And so, today in our article we will discuss, About Top 10 Websites to Download Copyright Free Videos.

Top 10 Websites to Download Copyright Free Videos

Copyright free video
How to download free videos without copyright?

So let’s go through each of those websites one by one Copyright free videos can be downloaded for free.

1. Pixabay

Pixabay is a website with millions of free stock images and videos.

Its videos can be used for both commercial and personal purposes.

However, in this license you will clearly understand the video policies in advance.

You can also find thousands of free stock images, music tracks, photographs, sound effects for any of your projects.

Also, their library has an impressive collection of over 24,000 free videos.

Which you can easily use in your creative projects.


  • Option to select video resolution
  • Over a million free stock videos
  • Videos may be used commercially

2. Pexels

Here are thousands of free stock videos from many categories that you can download in JK.

From the Pexels website Free video downloads No need to subscribe to its site.

Here you have the freedom to choose the video quality and resolution.

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You can find and follow videographers here by signing up for free on this website.

You can use the video here for commercial or non-commercial purposes without watermark.

The best thing about this website is that no ads are displayed here.

But you can see iStock promotions on their download screen.


  • Completely free
  • Video is available in preferred resolution
  • Video can be used commercially without watermark or attribution

3. VistaCreate

VistaCreate is an online graphic designing platform.

Recently, it has about millions of active users and features more than 50,000 design templates.

In this tool you will find an amazing collection of photos, vector images as well as videos.

There are 7 video categories including Music, People, Food, Birthday, Family, Business and Phone.

Under each of these categories, there are also various sub-categories to find relevant content.


  • Selected Best Videos category
  • Ad-free, beautiful, modern and clean platform
  • There are filters by video resolution, background and people

4. Videvo

Videvo lets you download free, high-quality stock videos for non-commercial use.

Here you will get 30 second video without watermark, but with attribution.

On the other hand, a 10-second video will not require a watermark or attribution.

It also has a premium version.


  • Free and premium stock videos
  • Subscription required for paid stock videos
  • It is important to read the license to know the usage rights of each video

5. Motion Elements

Motion Elements website is the best platform to get free stock videos easily.

Here you need to signup for free to download videos.

Then, you can download 5 consecutive free videos per week.

Here you can get up to 3 free video downloads per week through referral program.

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Also, you can use the videos here for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.


  • Tons of free videos
  • Available for download in HD, HD720, 2K and 4K
  • Signup to download videos to earn credits for future downloads

6. Videezy

Videezy is quite a popular free and premium video downloading website.

Here you will find high-quality free stock videos.

You have to read its license to download its standard (free) and paid premium content.

You can use its premium content for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

However, you must use free content with attribution.


  • Premium videos require a subscription
  • Huge collection of free and paid videos
  • Free videos must be used with attribution

7. Coverr

Coverr is one of the best stock video websites that are completely free.

This platform allows marketers and entrepreneurs to download tons of high-quality videos to meet all their marketing and branding needs.

No watermark or attribution required.

After downloading the video you will get the video in ZIP file with JPG thumbnail.


  • Completely free website
  • Contains high quality videos without watermarks or attribution
  • Videos are downloaded in ZIP files, which contain JPG thumbnail images

8. Vidsplay

Vidsplay has many categories of videos to choose from on its website.

You can download all HD stock videos for free from its collection of stock videos.

However, to use its videos, you must provide video credit with a link somewhere on your website or other media channel.

Often the video collection of this website is updated every few weeks with new footage.

All the videos available here are free for you to use for your personal or commercial purposes.

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  • Totally free
  • Contains HD stock videos
  • Specific credit links must be added

9. Dareful

This stock video platform is able to offer you 4K stock footage for free.

Dareful’s video collection is divided into more than 20 categories.

Among them you can find Bokeh, Aerial, Ocean, Nature, Sunrise, Christmas and many more videos.

This platform is a great website for finding a specific type of video.

However, here you will only get 4K videos.

So, if you want to use rich quality videos for your brand or any creative project, then this website is totally for you.


  • Its interface is quite user-friendly
  • Video is only available in 4K resolution
  • Video may be used without attribution

10. Pikwizard

Pikwizard is a one-of-a-kind stock image and video download platform with a huge collection of over a million high-quality digital resources.

You can easily view various video collections from its video tab.

You can find more than 20 categories here including slow motion videos, educational videos, technical videos, backgrounds, texture videos, business videos and many more.

While downloading any video from this website you can choose between SD and HD quality videos as per your project requirements.


  • Lots of stock video categories and collections.
  • Attribution is not mandatory for all videos.
  • Videos are available for both personal and commercial purposes.

our last words,

our today Royalty-free video downloads The to-do list ends here.

If you like the article, do not forget to comment!

In fact, the internet is like this Copyright free video Download There are many websites or platforms to do this.

However, be sure to read their terms of use, permissions and guidelines before using their videos.

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