Short Syllabus of HSC Exam 2022

2022 HSC Exam Syllabus: The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has formulated the new short syllabus for the HSC examination 2022. Complete Syllabus PDF file is discussed in detail.

HSC 2022 Short Syllabus PDF

HSC 2022 Syllabus: Regarding the revised syllabus of HSC examination 2022. In view of the above matters and sources, it is to be informed that the revised syllabus of HSC examination 2022 sent by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board is attached herewith. In view of the said rearranged syllabus, the concerned parties are requested to take necessary action along with notification.

  • Professor S.M. Amirul Islam
  • Controller of Examinations
  • Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dhaka
  • Phone- 02-9669815
  • Head Teacher/Principal
  • All educational institutions of HSC level under Dhaka Education Board

New Syllabus/Syllabus of HSC Exam 2022 published on 26th May

আরো দেখুন- আগের বছরের এইচএসসি সংক্ষিপ্ত সিলেবাস
2022 HSC Exam
Notice regarding HSC Exam Syllabus

Reference: Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dhaka

HSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF

HSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF: Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dhaka has prepared the new HSC Syllabus 2022 on May 27, Thursday, in view of Ministry of Education’s letter no. Below is the PDF of all the topics together in one link. Here each subject has to be downloaded separately.

Get PDF of all topics togetherhere

In view of Covid-19, the revised syllabus of HSC examination 2022 with subject code is given below in order of all the subjects of science, humanities and business education.

common subject

1. Bengali 1st Paper 101
2. Bengali 2nd Paper 102
3 English 1st paper 107
4. English 2nd paper 108
5. Information and Communication Technology 275

Science/Science Group Subject

6. Physics 1st Paper 174
7. Physics 2nd Paper 175
8. Chemistry 1st Q 176
9. Chemistry 2nd Paper 177
10. Biology 1st Paper 178
11. Biology 2nd Paper 179
12 Higher Mathematics 1st Paper 265
13. Higher Mathematics 2nd Paper 266

Humanities/Arts group subjects

14. History 1st paper 304
15. History 2nd Paper 305
16. History and Culture of Islam 1st paper 267
17. Islamic History and Culture 2nd Paper 268
18, Municipal Policy and Good Governance 1st Paper 269
19. Municipal Policy and Good Governance 2nd Paper 270
20. Economics 1st Paper 109
21. Economics 2nd Paper 110

22. Logic 1st Paper 121
23. Logic 2nd Paper 122
24. Social Science 1st Paper 117
25. Social Science 2nd Paper 118
26. Social work 1st paper 271
27. Social Work 2nd Paper 272
28 Geography 1st paper 125
29. Geography 2nd paper 126

Subject of Business Education/Commerce Group

30. Business Organization and Management 1st Paper 277
31. Business Organization and Management 2nd Paper 278
32. Accounting 1st paper 253
33. Accounting 2nd Paper 254
34. Finance, Banking and Insurance 1st Paper 292
35. Finance, Banking and Insurance 2nd Paper 293
36. Production Management and Marketing 1st Paper 286
37. Production Management and Marketing 2nd Paper 287

other matters

38 Islamic Education 1st Paper 249
39. Islamic Education 2nd Paper 250
40. Child Development 1st Paper 298
41. Child Development 2nd Paper 299
42. Food and Nutrition 1st Paper 279
43. Food and Nutrition 2nd Paper 280
44. Home Management and Family Life 1st Paper 282
45. Home Management and Family Life 2nd Paper 283

46. Agricultural Education 1st Paper 239
47. Agricultural Education 2nd Paper 240
48. Psychology 1st paper 123
49, Psychology 2nd Paper 124
50, Statistics 1st Paper 129
51. Statistics 2nd paper 130
52. Soil Science 1st Paper 288
53. Soil Science 2nd Paper 289
54. Home Science 1st Paper 273
55. Home Science 2nd Paper 274
56. Arts and Crafts 1st Paper 225
57. Arts and Crafts 2nd Paper 226
58. Arts and Textiles 1st Paper 284
59. Arts and Textiles 2nd Paper 285

If you have any question/opinion/complaint regarding HSC exam syllabus 2022, please comment. Uploading the pdf link of the syllabus to google drive, if it doesn’t work for some reason, it means that the server is not working due to the problem. So try again after some time.

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