How to make tiktok video viral

How To Viral TikTok Videos (How To Viral TikTok Videos)? Some of the best tips to make videos go viral in Bengali.

How to make tiktok video viral
There are some ways and tips to make TikTok videos viral.

TikTok’s organic reach is one of the best compared to other social media platforms.

In fact, almost 50% of top brands don’t have a presence on TikTok.

So, with this opportunity you can promote your brand comfortably.

If you want to know how to create organic waves and go viral on TikTok,

Then this article is totally for you.

Because, here we are going to discuss, How do we make TikTok videos viral? About this topic.

Let’s first find out how to work with the TikTok algorithm to make your video go viral.

How to work with TikTok Algorithm?

If you’re only looking at the number of likes, shares and followers, you’re looking at the wrong information.

Here it is very important for you to understand TikTok Algorithm.

TikTok’s algorithm relies heavily on the For You Page (FYP).

In this case, the data you should look at is your average watch time.

The length and average watch time of your video determines how much the TikTok algorithm will help promote your video.

Let’s say the audience watches your video for 3 seconds, the algorithm will show your video to only a few.

If the audience watches the video for 5 seconds, then that video can be shown to many more people on TikTok.

How many users will be shown your video depends on your average watch time compared to the length of your video.

The longer your average watch time, the more viral your video can be on TikTok.

Being featured on the For You page also increases your video’s chances of going viral.

To be featured on this page, your average watch time, completion rate and the type of content you provide are looked at.

All these factors depend on how you structure your video.

How to make TikTok video viral?

Now we are going to know 19 best ways to make TikTok videos viral one by one.

1. Start the video with a surprise:

Tiktok is a fast app.

Here you need to grab the audience’s attention quickly before swiping your video to another video.

If there is no action until the end, most of the audience will skip the video.

The tone and topic of the video should be set within the first few seconds, so that the audience understands what they are about to see.

2. Keep video length short:

Unless you’re telling a long story, don’t make a video longer than a minute.

Always try to keep your clips short here.

Tiktok evaluates content quality based on average watch time compared to video length.

You’re more likely to have an audience that would rather watch a 10-second video for 8 seconds than a 1-minute-long video for 48 seconds.

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3. Use your own audio:

Phones and apps have the ability to listen to what we say and make decisions (like showing us ads) based on that audio.

TikTok uses all the tools you provide to know what your video is about to show your content to the right audience.

You can do this with your captions or hashtags.

However, by using voiceovers in your videos, you can convey more keywords and information more clearly.

So that TikTok can show your videos to the right audience.

4. Use trending songs or sounds:

Whether you provide voiceover or not, adding trending music to your videos is extremely important.

You can of course choose your own favorite songs.

However, TikTok is a social platform.

Here people see the trends as good.

So, if you use current trending songs, your chances of going viral also increase considerably.

Always, try to layer a quiet song in the background with the voiceover.

5. Tell the story:

While dance videos go viral, unique stories are more likely to go viral.

Let’s face it, unless you’re incredibly talented or a ridiculously bad dancer,

Then there is no chance of your dance videos going viral here.

Those of us who are not good at singing and dancing can also try to go viral by telling a compelling story.

Any story can be told here.

Talk about your personal experience or any morals and other stories.

6. Share favourites, advice and tips:

There are many people who also like to learn different things on TikTok.

So, if you have expertise in a particular subject,

Then you can create informative videos to explain more about that skill.

Quick bullet point videos work great for this.

Text at the top of the screen guides users through mini-text.

Likewise, people love to shop on TikTok, so sharing favorite products is also a surprisingly easy way to gain traction (and monetization).

7. Keep effective calls-to-action:

The call-to-action is probably one of the most important.

It not only makes a video go viral but also helps you increase your followers.

If, you only get 2000 followers, what’s the point of having 5 million views on a video?

First, when TikTok sees more people liking, commenting and following a video,

Then they naturally try to send the video to more people.

For this reason, “Like for next part”, “follow for more” or “what’s your reaction?” in your caption or at the end of your video.

Having a call-to-action like this is very important.

You must have a mandatory video for this.

But, adding an impactful CTA to a video can make the difference between 2,000 new followers getting 2 million views and 40,000 new followers getting 9 million views.

It’s imperative that your CTA is at least a few seconds long, so people have time to follow you before moving on to the next video.

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8. Allow people to make random comments:

People on social media like to comment on random things in videos.

Like, you’re giving a tutorial on changing the water filter, this time you mention a good chocolate cake mid-sentence.

People love to hear such offbeat things.

And, they like to see small details, which are not the main focus of the video, and comment more on them.

And, the more comments you get here, the more likely your video will go viral.

So, the more random details you give people to comment on, the more comments you can expect.

Well, one easy way is to say something funny or funny in your video.

What the audience might ask you about.

9. Keep some questions in mind:

It is very important to follow this step to receive comments.

Because, it can help you go viral on TikTok.

If, you post a video and you can make a clear question,

Never explain in your video what people already have in mind.

This will help you get more comments and also help the video to perform better.

10. Do something controversial:

Just as comments increase the chances of going viral, controversial videos can also help go viral.

People really love to spend time on internet stuff.

Here you don’t have to make any mistake knowingly, you have to comment on something that different people have different opinions about.

For example, who is better at cooking, Bengali or Ghati? Or, which fish tastes better than hilsa or shrimp? Literally even these silly little things can provoke the audience to comment their opinions in the argument.

Which can make your video go viral.

11. Make some storms:

If your video is easily relatable, inspirational, or hateful – you’ll inevitably get audience comments here.

12. Place parts of the video that will require re-watching:

As strange as it may sound, the advantage of having this type of video is that there are some parts that many people cannot read, see or understand at all on first viewing.

Let’s say your video has text that moves quickly, and your audience probably replays the video or pauses the video to read it.

When they pause or re-watch your video, they spend a lot of time behind your video.

Because of that, Tiktok’s algorithm understands that your video can be shown to more people.

13. Place the text in the opening video frame:

If you start your video with text on the first slide, the audience on FYP will likely spend a few seconds reading it, and will naturally spend more time on a video with text than a video without text.

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Not only is this good for average watch time in the algorithm, but it also gets you engagement.

14. Don’t use #FYP, #foryou, or other generic hashtags:

Hashtags are not always useful.

However, generic hashtags like #FYP, #foryou or similar are useless.

May or may not use niche tags.

If you have a super niche video, niche hashtags can sometimes serve your video to the right audience on TikTok.

However, if your posts across platforms have content that appeals to a variety of people, leave out the hashtags and let the algorithm do the work.

15. Reply to comments:

Reading comments on a video increases the chances of it going viral.

This is even more effective if you can engage with audience comments on your videos and reply directly to their comments.

However, if you have a viral video on TikTok and you’re replying to comments, don’t do it all at once, take your time to reply slowly or you might get blocked.

16. Post frequently:

Actually going viral on TikTok is kind of a numbers game.

The more frequently you post, the more likely your video will go viral.

Focus on your consistent posts without worrying too much about video quality.

However, even if your videos are probably not very good, one or two of them might have a chance to go viral on TikTok.

17. Don’t stick to one niche:

On TikTok, anything can go viral.

However, opening TikTok early on will allow you to gain experience with different niches and understand your target audience and your skills.

In this case, when you start, experiment with different types of content, different formats and topics.

When you understand what the audience likes to see and what you want to create, build more accordingly.

After that, you can try new types of content.

18. Don’t post product links immediately:

If you try to monetize your videos through product reviews or affiliate links,

So avoid giving direct links to videos.

Because if you don’t provide links, many people may comment asking where you got the product from or hoping for links.

Which will help the video enough to get traction and go viral on TikTok.

19. Spend at least 15-30 minutes a day watching videos on FYP:

While it may be tempting to come to TikTok just to post your videos, it’s important to regularly watch videos on FYP before doing anything else on TikTok.

It will help you get new ideas and keep up with the current trends.

And, ultimately, that will help you create better content.

our last words,

Today is ours How to make TikTok video viral? The article about – ends here.

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